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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Daft Dele Alli story trumps Batshuayi nonsense


After West Ham United had meaninglessly offered a fee that matches what Marseille have asked for, now we hear Marseille have meaninglessly agreed a fee with Crystal palace for Michy Batshuayi.

It is all meaningless because Michy Batshuayi isn't interested in either club, neither can offer the level of football the Belgian international wants. If he refuses to talk to West Ham he is going to refuse to talk to Crystal Palace so it is a figment of someones imagination when it is suggested they are beating us in a race for him.

In further daft news Arsenal have enquired about signing Dele Alli! This has got to be the most riciculous story of the summer by a distance. Would we be willing to sell dele Alli, what a daft question. Tottenham are not selling anyone Mauricio Pochettino wants, period and I'm pretty sue Pochettino wants Alli. This utter stupidity comes from talian journalist Emanuele Giulianelli.



  1. Dele Alli showed in Englands performance against Iceland what an ordinary player he is.

  2. Yeah, Dele Alli is ordinary but still better than Wilshere

  3. This is why everyone hates Tottenham. You turn your nose up at 3 clubs in one post, straight after your players were crap against Iceland. You are like a crap version of Leicester, overachieving small team. Third in the premier league and you think are Barcelona.

  4. Tottenham won't even be in the champions league long anyway so I doubt it would give you much of an edge tbh

  5. Carroll should have been there in place of Kane.
    Noble in place of Alli.
    Cresswell in place of Rose.
    Antonio in place of anyone.

    Job done.

  6. Well, that's a bunch of terribley daft comments by people who have clearly never watched football.
    At least they made me laugh.

  7. They are from West Ham fans, what do you expect.



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