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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Controversial Comment: Sensible people rarely see trouble

Controversial Comment: Sensible people rarely see trouble

As ever when the England hooligans go abroad there is trouble, yet another coincidence. The situation sums up England fans, Spurs fans and society in general really.

One one side there are the decent folk, who will watch a game, have a glass of wine or a pint and sit down and have a chat. They go into a stadium and sing, but outside the ground, they are simply normal human beings. They rarely see trouble because they are no trouble themselves.

Then there is the mob mentality. Where they have to have a beer and chant or sing anti-German and anti-French songs/chants on this occasion. Surprise, surprise, trouble surrounds them. Of course, it does, they are courting it, they want it and then out comes the innocent card.

The Scottish, the Irish, the Welsh go and have a good time without any trouble, they get on tremendously with the locals. Idiotic English fans just want to be antagonistic.

You only have to look how some are dressed, some are all in the same gear, not just a shirt, everything, shorts the lot. If they were all sitting in a bar quietly there wouldn't be a problem, but they don't and that is the problem. There is a time and a place for everything, inside the stadium is the time for singing and chanting, not on the streets.

Trouble finds trouble and I have no doubt it has on this occasion. The Brit abroad is a nightmare, but then that's the lowering of standards in our society. At one time people used to have to talk properly on the BBC, now half the alphabet is missing at the letter 't' is rarely used.

With the advent of allowing children into pubs, you now have parents who simply let their children treat any social place as a playground, no teaching the standards, no teaching them to respect their surroundings, no teaching them how to behave in public. Tomorrows thug being trained, yet if that child grows up to cause trouble the parents will claim they did nothing wrong and don't know how it's happened.

It happens because parents abdicate their responsibilities. They give them to a childminder during the day and let them do whatever they want at weekends, it's hardly surprising teachers can't exercise any control over them. Having worked in that profession before I know they are powerless and the children know it.

It is about time we started raising the standards in society instead of dumbing them down generation after generation. Today's thug is tomorrow's parent, what chance has the child got? None.

I was in a pub come restaurant, a Harvester type place for a birthday dinner. My Mum and I couldn't hear people sitting directly opposite us, we literally couldn't, my Mum was nodding her head based on facial expressions without hearing a word. That was thanks to the noise a group of parents were allowing their children to make while letting them run around without any parental control whatsoever.

When they were sitting down there was shouting across the table to make themselves heard over parents. In the end, I had to mention to the nearest 20 something parent that we couldn't hear each other over here.

It's a family pub came the bristling aggressive reply. A complete lack of standards, no idea how to behave in public so no hope of being able to teach their children how to behave. He simply had a total disregard for anyone else in the place. That is the sort who finds trouble and then protests innocence.

It is the difference between the pro-Spurs crowd and the anti-Levy cluster in my view. I have never heard one of them give an outline of their way forward for the club, simply shouting for change because the grass must be greener on the other side, without actually knowing what the other side is.

One looks at things sensibly and has standards, one is governed by emotion and wants everything now. I have no doubt the anti-Levy cluster would find more trouble than the sensible supporter, fortunately, there aren't enough of them to be much of a problem. Equally, I'm sure there are a few sensible anti-Levy fans in other respects.

I have no time for English hooligans, no time for those who simply let their children do what they want and no time for anti-Levy loonies.

Thanks to the brainless idiots in this country England now fans disqualification from the tournament if there is any more violence. Brainless idiots.


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