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Monday, 27 June 2016

Bungle bungles it yet again

Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson - I told you he was clueless. 

Why was Rooney on the field until late when it was clear that mentally he wasn't up to playing the might of Iceland. Why was Sturridge picked when he was our worse played against Slovakia, thrashed by Germany bit a side we were unable to create decent chances against?

Why was Sturridge on the pitch when he hadn't done a thing at the tournament, why was one of our best performers, Adam Lallana sat on the bench?

Wrighty had it right when he said Hodgson hadn't a clue how we were going to play, that sars everything about him as a coach. I said on his appointment he was the wrong man, we were shown that in Brazil and we have seen it again.

The players hadn't a clue what they were supposed t do. Simply putting players on the pitch and expecting them to do it isn't the way to win games. I said we had to get a system in place at Spurs with a young side and we did that, look at the difference. England have to have a system, for a coach to send us into a tournament without one is pathetic.

Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson was appointed to save money, he bungled his way through this tournament and he has now embarrased our nation.



  1. Hodgson is just another turnip, last time we had any cohesion in an England team was Euro 96. Appalling management and a total lack of passion and desire from the players.

  2. Yeah it is a repeat of the European finals with Graham Taylor!! History repeated, it wouldn't surprise me if Iceland win it now! GOOD RIDDANCE to TURNIP MK2!!



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