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Friday, 24 June 2016

Brexit means - player movement, youth development?

Tottenham have been positioning themselves better than most with the NO vote winning the EU referendum. Anyone with an EU passport can simply be employed by a club, even if they are South America and basically abusing a system.

Last season we had 14 foreigners whereas Arsenal had 24, Chelsea and Watford 26. What will happen now nobody actually knows because we don't know what employment rules we will put in place for foreign workers. The assumption that everything will remain the same may be false, there will surely be talk over the work permit issue now.

Britain has to formally notify the EU, then there are talks to negotiate a new treaty to replace the existing EU treaty, for which there is a two-year window.

Does that mean then that there will be a player drain in the EU as players come to the Premier League for the money while they can? Does it mean England will get left behind and have to nurture it's own talent more? Will it put a stop to the buying of cheap average players on lower wages?

However to ensure free trade with Europe, where half our exports go, we will have to allow movement of workers and that will include football players. We could see more English clubs employing more English players, development of players may take on greater significance, something we have already decided is the way forward.

Nobody knows what will happen next, but nobody knew what would happen when we joined the Common Market. The scaremongering will no doubt continue.


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