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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Brexit doesn't affect Eriksen

There is some stupidity being written after the Brexit vote was confirmed, quite apart from those who claim to believe in democracy demanding another go and then presumably another go until they get an answer they want.

There are website in Italy claiming that Christian Eriksen (CIS Football Observatory valuation £38.03-million (€46.6m)) to Juventus or Roma is more likely because of the EU referendum. What utter nonsense.

Our exit has to be negotiated and terms for workforce movement agreed upon, Nobody knows what the situation will be but Europe has already said it needs a close relationship with Britain and that will mean a revision of, not a scrapping of the freedom of movement laws.

Until that is finalised then nothing has changed. If someone is in this country working they are not suddenly going to be deported.

All Eriksen's agent, Martin Schoots, said to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, was in a certain situation his client would move. That situation doesn't exist though, which all and sundry seem to have conveniently overlooked. Besides two further countries are now calling for referendum's as they have had enough of Europe taking over power piece by piece also.

‘We are underestimating the danger. The truth is that half the Premier League players will see their work permits turned into scrap paper. In a situation like this, I’d take my client away from Tottenham.’

That isn't the fact at all. Until negotiations take place, which could last 2 years, nothing changes. Knee jerk scaremongering.


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