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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Benteke nonsense raises its ugly head again


I knew someone would start spouting the Tottenham should make Liverpool an offer they can't refuse for Benteke rubbish and sure enough, we saw it last night.

Anyone with half a brain knows Benteke needs crosses, he is a traditional type centre-forward who lacks the technical skills to play the intricate football we attempt around our area.

He gave up in the Cup Final against Arsenal, he has been a complete flop at Liverpool in a team where he had to play football. It was a daft move and that isn't hindsight, I said the same before they signed him and after. Liverpool don't cross the ball, they were playing a passing game. Presumably they stumped up over £32 for him because thought he could develop and adapt, he hasn't.

They have a manager there who plays a high-energy brand of football and there have been reports that Benteke doesn't put the energy in he requires. Tottenham play a high-energy passing game so he is hardly what we need.

The suggestion we should make a £25m bid is simply absurd. Wasting money on a player proven not to perform in a system similar to ours, reported not to like the effort of high-energy football and proven to give up when things don't go his way, beggars belief.

There is only any point in buying him if you play a system that suits him, in other words, you cross the ball. Even his managers at Aston Villa said that is what he needs.

If staff writers are going to create articles that make suggestions, they could at least make sensible suggestion and suggest players who fit our transfer policy and would actually fit into our playing style.


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