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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Batshuayi won't be forced to West ham they way Payet was


Marseille have cut their staff to the bare bones in order to cut costs with the club so heavily in debt. Those that remain are staying tight-lipped about the future, which looks bleak for the club.

Direction Nationale du Contrôle de Gestion (DNCG) are the National directorate of Management Control and clubs have to submit their finances to them each season. They can then impose sanctions and penalties against any side whose finances are not in order. Marseilles have to submit their finances and currently there is a 40m euros hole in them, which they want to fill with the sale of Michy Batshuayi, however, nobody where the striker would consider a move to are willing to pay anywhere near that, which gives them somewhat of a problem.

It is more complicated because Batshuayi want to come to Tottenham and he would have to be convinced to go to another club for the financial benefit of Marseille. He seems unwilling to do that. La Provence report this was the same thing that happened to Dimitri Payet and how he ended up at a club he didn't want to sign for, West ham United.

Marseille have a meeting with the DNGC on Thursday 23 June ahead of having to submit their financial statement to them a week later on 30 June, the end of the current football season. 1 July new contracts start and we are into a new season. The need to show they have balanced their books or face a possible points deduction or even relegation.

Marseille are remaining tight-lipped ahead of their meeting, their website isn't being updated, everything is hush hush. The club were hoping that a good showing at the European Championships would boost Batshuayi's valuation, but that hasn't materialised, now 10 days remain to get something in for him and 23-year-old left-back Benjamin Mendy who looks certain to be on his way to Monaco, dashing the hopes of Wesh Ham United, Stoke City, Sunderland, and Liverpool. An undisclosed fee has been agreed between the two clubs.

The latest is that Marseille president Vincent Labrune wants to sell Batshuayi to West Ham because they are prepared to offer more money, the same situation that happened last summer when Dimitri Payet was sold to them against his will, as reported by the local newspaper La Provence.

Batshuayi is insisting he doesn't want to go to West Ham, Labrune wants to try and force him to go there. Batshuayi refuses to talk to West Ham though so with 9 days left it is a game of cat and mouse. It is Marseille who have to sell but Batshuayi doesn't have to go to the club they want to sell him to and he has made it clear he isn't going to.

It si a question of taking Marseille to the last minute it seems and forcing them to agree a fee with us or face sanctions which could see them relegated. Batshuayi can just sit and wait, there is nothing Marseille can do if he refuses to join other clubs but to negotiate.

Borussia Dortmund and Atletico Madrid are interested but neither is in a position to do a deal, Aubameyang has yet to leave the Germans and the Spanish side wants Costa back from Chelsea.

Time is ticking. 9 days to go.



  1. Lazy agenda driven ill informed tosh
    Payet didn't want to join West Ham ? Even if this were true and you don't know either way, it got him back into the French squad and turned him into a star of the euros.

  2. @b mac - Accurate information supplied by Marseille's local newspaper La Provence actually, do get your facts right old chum, there's a good boy.

  3. lol I love how jealous you are that we got Payet. You are assuming that La Provence got it right. I assume it had quotes of Payet saying he didn't want to go? Because I could put together several pages of quotes from him saying why he came and why he loves it at West Ham. You wouldn't know a fact if it smacked you in the face.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Spurs had two world class players a couple of years ago and had to sell them lets see if west ham do the same.

  6. Is Marseille local newspaper a sister paper to the Brentwood gazette ?
    Don't believe everything you read in local rags or national rags.
    Just because a paper prints it it didn't make it fact, how old are you ?
    Don't call hear say facts - there's a good boy



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