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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Batshuayi to Spurs is still just a waiting game


Batshuayi to Spurs is still just a waiting game

I see the Daily Mail are now also running a stoty about Batshuayi and saying Tottenham are confident of beating Crystal Palace. Well of course they are, it just amazes me that some poor sous lap up media rubbish without applying common sense.

The situation is simple. Michy Batshuayi wants to join us, he refuses to talk to anyone else. That would change if a club like Juventus came knocking with a proposal but they are not ready to yet, if they will at all.

Marseille can accept offer after offer at a price they set, it means absolutely nothing, Batshuayi has made it clear where he wants to go and we have to assume that that is going to remain the same, unless Juventus come calling there is little reason why it would change. Marseille will try to force him to join a club who have made a bigger offer, as happened with Dimitri Payet.

If Batshuayi stands firm then Marseille are up against a ticking clock. They have to sell, they have promised the DNCG they will do so to raise the cash they need. If they don't they could be relegated, face a transfer embargo, have a points deduction, any number of punishments and the DNCG have a tough reputation.

Spurs can just wait and let the pressure build so that we get him for a lower price. There is a misconception that Daniel Levy decides how much we pay for a player, he doesn't, Mauricio Pochrttino is part of a team who value players. A group decide what we will pay for a player and what we will sell a player for. It is common business practice to then try and buy at the lowest price and try and sell at the highest price.

Every club does the same, Southampton do the selling part rather well you have to say, they consistently get more than a player is worth, Luke Shaw being the biggest example. Fair play to them, I say well done.We have a price we want to pay for Batshuayi and it is considerably lower then the Marseille valuation. We will try and force the price down, they will try and force our offer up.

Marseille can't insist we pay more than we value him at and they can't keep him either. There will no doubt be stories trying to put pressure on us and try and provide a fear of losing him but as long as he wants to join us then nothing else matters, not a West Ham bid, not a Crystal Palace bid, or any bid from any club who can't offer Champions League football.

The situation is all pretty obvious. It will remain cat and mouse until crunch time.


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