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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Batshuayi - 15 days left

Batshuayi - 16 days left

Tottenham open talks with Euro giants scream the advertising clotheshorse Football Insider, who then go on to tell us the talks are with Marseille, who by any stretch of the imagination are not Euro giants.

Advertising revenue more important than the reader, no problem with a creative headline, but that's stretches credibility beyond breaking point. A few website on Newsnow have gone for advertising over the reader unfortunately and that was after we have had an upturn in quality over the last 18 months.

I will continue to push for this raise in quality by website authors encouraging them to add opinion to the news to give fans different perspectives instead of reading the same thing. That will no doubt mean I get insulted more which just goes to show I must be doing something right.

Articles with opinion allows fans to determine who actually writes their own articles, which are from staff writers who have no interest in Spurs and which are auto-posted without any input from the website owner themselves. There are websites who are fundamentally opposed to my stance on Spurs, but at least they usually create content that has an opinion, even if it is sometimes on me. Fair play to them I say, I laugh to myself every time I put up another bureau de change.

Another blog tells us Michy Batshuayi has a release clause of £31-million according to the British press, however, he doesn't according to the local press, he has a valuation they want and won't get, but not a release clause. The local press are more believable on this one than the guessing British press and for them it is simply a figure the Marseille president wants.

Local newspaper La Provence tell us that Marseilles received a transfer payment instalment from Juventus at the end of May for Mario Lamina. Instead of going to reduce the 40 million EUR the club have to raise by 30 June it went to pay wages instead. The financial situation there is dire and Spurs are quite rightly, for ourselves, looking to take advantage of that.

The club does have a suitor, QSI, but takeovers rarely go quickly and there are only 16 days before money or a guarantee of money, has to be in the coffers. It doesn't take Einstein to work out the mess they are in and the hold Spurs have over transfer negotiations. All parties have known for weeks that Batshuayi only wants Spurs. Only 15 days to go now with QSI looking to be the only soanner in the works that could scupper a deal.


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