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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Bale to Man U a total non-starter


Bale to Man U a total non-starter

Transfer Talk has an opinion that uses common sense and logic as opposed to the fanciful conjecture of the British press. Transfer Talk takes a look at the Gareth Bale to Manchester United rubbish.

The press are day dreaming as are Manchester United. They want people to think there is the remotest possibility that Manchester United could buy Gareth Bale for £120 milion, they can't.

As any Spurs fan can tell them he dream is to play for Real madrid. He is in a side that wins the UEFA Champions Lague, he has won it twice now. He is a marketing man's dream, the world population love him, they can't get enough of him.

He is worth a fortune to Real Madrid off the pitch as well as on it. He is the future of their marketing. At the moment Cristiano Ronaldo is the cornerstone of Real Madrid and sponsorship deals, that is a mantle that Gareth Bale will be taking over for them. They have no intention of letting him go and he has no intention of leaving.

We are not talking about a player playing for Stoke City here, a player looking for a move to a bigger club, he is already at the world's number one club, sotty to United fans but Real Madrid tops Man United in my book and always will. They buy and assemble the Galacticos, something Manchester United wanted to do I believe a couple of years ago. They hadn't found a manager who could handle that until perhaps now.

First step is to get back in the Champions League though, do they seriously think a Champions League winner will move to a side who can't provide Champions League football? That is delusion. Manchester United have only qualified for the Champions League once in last three seasons, demonstrating what a truly great manager Sir Alex Ferguson was, clearly the best the Premier League has seen.

Manchester United can dream all they like, Gareth Bale to Manchester United is simply is a non-starter.



  1. Don't agree with Bale as the corner stone of RM marketing. While he has been a success at Madrid, he has not been popular amongst the fans. Ronaldo is an exceptional player, on and off the pitch, a self publicist, unlike Bale.

    I agree Bale won't be moving to United or any other side this season, Champions league being one of the reasons (unless he's homesick). However, I do see it happening next season, when, as I expect United to be firmly back challenging and back in the CL.

  2. Plus we have first refusal. Whether we can afford him with the stadium build is a different matter. But he is at the club he wanted to play for and winning medals as fast as he could anywhere.

  3. You forget Ronaldo isn't the future of Real Madrid, Bale is. You have to plan forward and while Ronaldo is there now he isn't their marketing for the next 7-19 years.



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