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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

As expected nothing in the PSG and Jansen talk


As expected nothing in the PSG and Jansen talk

Do the media make up stories, do agents and clubs put stories into the media that simply aren't true, ys they do. We only recently had the rubbish about PSG and Vincent Janssen that I explained was probably complete fabrication and explained why.

Now the AZ Alkmaar technical director Max Huiberts has confirmed my initial view, that there is nothing in the story. So the 'massive blow' Spurs have been dealt is non existent, what a surprise.

“Apparently I’ve given a fee, but that is nonsense. I am against any newspaper naming an amount. In fact, I’m against any club mentioning the amount we want for Vincent. 
“We have rejected them [offers from Spurs and Wolfsburg]. There is therefore no change in the situation surrounding Janssen. I read that Paris Saint-Germain might be interested, but we know nothing about that. PSG have not spoken to us.”

Yet another story the gullible have fallen for and reported as being real, thankfully common sense prevails here. I don't get everything right and with my eyesight I'll always make mistakes, but by heck I seem to get a hell of a lot more right than the majority of the news regurgitation sites out there.

And yes I am still smarting from from Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson and Wayne 'Zippy' Rooney showing once again they are not up to the job. As England fans, have endured the Zippy and Bungle Show, we really need some good news right now, perhaps the signing of Janssen could provide a fillip for Spurs fans.


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