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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Arsenal to replay all games until they lose!

Plenty of people having a tantrum it seems because democracy didn't want the UK to be run by unelected politicians in the EU.

You would have thought Switzerland was a bankrupt country on its knness unable to govern itself unless EU ministers told it what to do. Somehow they manage to survive outside the EU, incredible isn't it, who would have thought it possible. The Norwegians perhaps!

Tottenham MP David Lammy is calling for an end of democracy in the UK yet still tells his constituents he'll do his best for them. How is he going to do that if he refuses to accept a democratic decision?

This is a football website so let's bring this back to football.



  1. That made me laugh this Morning! Spot on! Quality blog

  2. Yeah the one that made me laugh was the one about replaying the last 21 seasons #alwaysinourshadow

  3. If you ask the people their will you have to follow it or you no longer live in a democracy. The movment laws haven't been negotiated yet so suggesting out voters who voted on that issue haven't got their way is fanciful.

    Any government that goes against the will of the people in a referendum can then not govern, given that they have abandoned democracy. They would be unelectable.

    The country made a democratic decision, anarchists want to change that.



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