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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Arsenal a disgrace to England

I see London24 have picked up a point I was making about the disgraceful state of top clubs and London football clubs and their lack of desire to help the English national team,preferring instead to assist other countries.

We finished 3rd and supply 5 English players, Liverpool finished 8th and supply five England players, Arsenal finished 2nd and supply one, Chelsea supply one (and not a very good one), Manchester City provide two.

Marcello Lippi won the World Cup in 2006 with Italy and has recently spoken to the Italian media about their chances. He suggested making changes in Italy that would force clubs to play more Italian players as they are having the same problems we are having with teams playing foreigners. They too have a dwindling pool of players to choose from.

In 2006 the Italian league was made up of 65% of Italian players, now there are only around 35%, a similar statistic to the Premier League. It is that that which means we have to pick weak central defenders, an area where you need to be strong. We were blessed with some excellent centre-backs but they all seem to have gone now.

It's appalling that Arsenal supply 10 players to the European Championships and only one is English, that Chelsea supply 7 and only one is English. It's a trend that needs reversing so in that respect coming out of the European Union would stop the free flow of labour and allow our game to take back control.

I'll watch the European Championships with pride, pride for my country and pride that there is a heavy Tottenham presence after having none for the first time at our poor performances at the 2014  World Cup in Brazil.



  1. Having 5 Tottenham players in the England squad is like taking out insurance in case the team doesn't choke.

  2. Complete and utter rubbish. "Big" clubs regularly go through transitions where their English/British players will make up their core group. Evident with Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool, West Ham I.e class of 92, winterburn, Cole, keown, Adams, Dixon, seaman, Wright, wilshere, ox, Gerard, carragher, Owen, sterling, Sturridge, Henderson, Clyne etc This is the first time in more then 20 years that spurs players have had plus 5 players in the squad. It has nothing to do with desire of London clubs. They simply are not good enough for the top prizes at club level where all the money is won! At the end of the day modern day football clubs are businesses and I've run out of toilet paper

  3. Your final day capitulation to Arsenal was one of the funniest things I've seen in nearly 40 years watching English football.

  4. "It is that that which means we have to......" Erm is that English?

    Anyhow if Arsenal is a disgrace so are Chelsea but you didn't single them out in the headline. Get over Arsenal or you will be forever choking on them.

  5. Interesting but you forget we also provide chamberlain, Walcott,Gibbs, chambers, on top of wilshere, but those others were not picked due to lack of club game time or injury. But we have five available for England to select.

  6. You don't provide them, you don't play them, Gibbs doesn't get in the Arsenal side, nor does Walcott, Chamberlain hasn't done anything in 2 years so I'm afraid that isn't the case.

    1. This is the first year in over 20 that you have provided 5 players. Pipe down son.

  7. Arsenal 24 foreigners, Tottenham 14 Says it all



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