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Thursday, 23 June 2016

82 points to finish the season


The final month of the season sees just three games and fortunately we already have more points than this season as none of the games will be easy.

West Ham United like to try and make this game into something big, but for me it is just another game from a side from London. They tend to raise their game and they are on their patch but I would expect us to come away with a point.

Manchester United away is the penultimate game and i can see Jose Mourinho getting the better of our boys leaving us with just Hull City who will be fighting for their lives. We won't make the same mistake we made this season and will finish the season with three points.

02/05/2017    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Semi-finals
03/05/2017    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Semi-finals
06/05/2017    15:00    West Ham United (a)
07/05/2017    FA CUP FINAL
09/05/2017    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Semi-finals
10/05/2017    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Semi-finals
13/05/2017    15:00    Manchester United (h)
21/05/2017    15:00    Hull City (a)

May Points Total: 4
Season Points Total: 82

This season I see us picking up an extra 11 points and finishing with our highest total ever in the Premier League era. Will that be enough?

Put your monthly points total in the comments section, always best to log-in for that, don't worry I don't use your email address to send you any junk or sales material, nor do I give it to a third party. The rare one gets invited to write a post, mind you that has only happened twice over three years I think. If any of you do just let me know and I'll get back to you.


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  1. I really like your vision...and dream



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