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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

£57.48m striker target is available


In the last hour Spanish newspaper Sport report that Juventus CEO Giuseppe Marotta has confirmed that Real Madrid are going to exercise their buy-back option on Spanish striker Alvaro Morata. There is nothing Juventus can do about it which just demonstrates why Tottenham don't get involved in these deals the Spanish big two so love to make.

"Real Madrid has informed us that they intend to exercise their right to repurchase [Morata]. Now, we just wait until the offer is formal."

Juventus have now developed a player for someone else and must look to replace with, possibly with a player they have already agreed to buy Domenico Berardi, the Sassuolo striker. They could also look to sign Michy Batshuayi now.

Sport suggest that having bought Morata back at the price set 2 years ago that they will offer him to Premier League clubs for a staggering £57.48-million (EUR75m - AUS$113m - US$84.35m), that's more than £30.65-million (EUR40m - AUS$60.26m - US$44.99m) more than they are buying him back for.

I don't see us paying that sort of fee, will Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United?


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