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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

VIDEO: How to influence a referee Chelsea style

VIDEO: How To Influence A Referee Chelsea Style

The video below shows how to influence a referee Chelsea style. It shows just some of the incidents in the Chelsea verses Spurs game clearly shows the spoilt children in blue moaning and complaining to the referee all the time in an attempt to intimidate him. Mikel is getting involved all the time, Diego Costa, John Terry and Cesc Fabregas could all have been sent off.

While people may want to highlight the over the top Spurs performance, it was clear Chelsea were trying to get players sent off. At each incident, you can see players not involved remonstrating with the referee. This kind of cheating is a tactic they are well versed in and have used many times, their players have learnt how far they can push a referee and the tactic clearly worked.

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Danny Rose barged over Willian and the Chelsea player was then squaring . The usual hounding of the referee occurred but when Lamela was barged over in the second half just beyond the halfway line Mark Clattenburg did nothing. Why the clear bias?

It can only be because Chelsea applied pressure on the referee, by first reacting to draw attention to the incident and give themselves a chance to hound the referee and secondly to try and provoke Danny Rose to get him sent off. That's why Pochettino intervened and was himself jostled by Chelsea players.

Neither side were blameless but the FA and Premier League need to do something about this clear intimidation of referees. They are only human, they can be swayed, Mark Clattenburg certainly was, many more Chelsea players should have been booked. Players were going right through the back of Harry Kane and Clattenburg did nothing, didn't even have a word with the players, just waved play on. Why?

How is it advantageous to have the ball on the halfway line, when Kane is fouled around the box and we have one of the best free-kick exponents in the Premier League? It's a disadvantage. Why, when a Chelsea player was fouled did he play on and because their player wasn't going anywhere with the ball, called it back for a foul inside their own half? Why didn't he apply the same rule to Spurs?

When Eric Dier committed his bookable offence, which should have been red, you can clearly see several Chelsea players manhandling Clattenburg, which is a booking offence but he allows them to do so with impunity. There are rules there to prevent it so why are they not enforced?

The FAand Premier League must shoulder the blame for not bringing in easy rules to give referees sufficient authority and protection so clubs can not influence officials in this way. The officials would then have the backbones to make the right decisions, instead of influenced ones.


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