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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Vázquez doesn't look a viable option for Spurs

Reported Tottenham target Franco Vázquez, born and raised in Argentina but an Italian international will be leaving Palermo this summer says club's Sports Director.

Vázquez doesn't look a viable option for Spurs

Italian club Palermo fought to stay in Serie A, to them it was imperative that they did so Manuel Gerolin, their Sports Director told Radio TMW during a 'Behind the Scenes' broadcast. Keeping the club there was critical.

He spoke about the possibility of Javier Mascherano or Dani Alves coming to Italy and said he could see it on a free transfer. They were famous players who have 12-13 years experience from the time he saw them in South America. 

It is a part of the world that Italian clubs scout extensively due to being able to part-buy players who then retain third-party owners. For a Premier League club to sign a South American player they have to buy off the third-party owners, which obviously isn't going to be cheap, they want their profit out of their investment.

He was asked about Franco Vázquez and replied that when one is a great player one can play anywhere. Gerolin was asked specifically about the reported interest of Tottenham Hotspur and Fiorentina? 

He has proved its value. Now he only has to deal with a team with great goals.He will costs a lot because he is strong and changes matches. That type of player are the ones who command higher fees and  Vázquez is, therefore, a valuable player. 

He acknowledged that the Premier League was the number one economic league in Europe and that it was not easy to keep players with the money clubs can offer.

Palermo Vice-President Guglielmo Miccicché also talked about Franco Vazquez’s future during a radio interview, this time with Radio Blu.

“He’s had another great season and we’d be open to selling him for an important offer. He costs a lot because he is a great player and because he’s one of the last n.10 left in Italian football. Last year I said that buying Dybala would have been a deal and it is exactly the same for Vazquez this season.”

Striker Dybala went to Juventus for £26.61 million (€32m - US$38.90m - AUS$54.15m) plus £6.08 million (€8m - US$8.89m - AUS$12.38m) in add-ons. A total cost in he performs, and he has been, of £32.69 million (€40m - US$47.79m - AUS$66.53mm).

If Miccicché rates him just as important you can see the sort of fee they will want to charge, he wouldn't come cheap. There would have to be a reduction because of his age, he is 27 (28 in February) and transfermarkt have him valued at just £9.7 million (€12.76m - US$14.18m - AUS$19.74mm).

Miccicché previously revealed on Radio Kiss Kiss that Vázquez will cost £22.81 million (€30m - US$33.35m - AUS$46.41mm). That still seems a little steep for someone turning 28 midway through next season. 

There are question marks over him being able to play at a high level in the physicality of the Premier League the Italian media suggest and they feel the most plausible solution for his future is AC Milan. He scored three of his eight goals in the last five games so his consistency has been brought into question this season. That again is a concern. He has a tendency to disappear from matches although on the plus side he fits in with a team who pass and move the ball quickly.

As with all transfers the selling club place a high figure on the table and the buying club place a low figure on the table and they negotiate a price somewhere in between. Miccicché looks as if he wants around £19.76 million (€26m - US$28.90m - AUS$40.22mm).

I would be surprised if we were willing to go much above £15.20 million (€20m - US$22.23m - AUS$30.94mm). He looks overpriced for what he has produced, his age, his consistency, and the question marks over his ability to perform in a more physical league. As such I think this is a media-fueled story that while having a grain of truth, we have no doubt talked to find out the lay of the land, has been blown a bit out of proportion. Vázquez does not look a realistic option to me.


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