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Friday, 20 May 2016

Utterly crazy to blame Daniel Levy

The pathetic story of the day arrived early and had to come from HITC yesterday morning when they attempted to blame Daniel Levy for finishing third.

We failed by only scoring the second highest number of league goals with a tight defence. Thier report smacks of not understanding mentality and dismissing it as non-existent. If anyone was in any doubt mentality dictates how players play they only had to watch the last three league games.

Against Chelsea the players lost the plot and in the final two games many of them simply just didn't care, another striker wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference, indeed, Harry Kane was one of the players still showing the right mentality, he is the one player every other one should copy.

Unless another striker had the same mentality then the team would be weakened and who is to say a new signing would have simply scored goals, who is to say he wouldn't have been as prolific as Roberto Soldado and ruined our season earlier. People always assume a new player would have been a success, never that he would have a detrimental affect on a team.

Mauricio Pochettino chooses who we sign, not DanielLlevy, Mauricio Pochettino helps value players and agrees what we should pay for them. It isn't one man Levy deciding what we should and shouldn't pay. Pochettino knows the finances we have to work to, but the major factor deciding if a player come to Tottenham is the level of football.

Prior to this window. Tottenham has not been an attractive option to players. To top players we were a step-down and a step into a league where it is difficult to getChampions League football, it is easier in Germany, France, Italy etc to get into a side with a far higher percentage of getting Champions League football. Atletico Madrid are a prime example or Borussia Dortmund. Why go to Spurs and perhaps miss out to the top four?

Only now do we have guaranteed  Champions League football, only now do we look as though we could achieve it regularly, only now are we attractive to top players, only now are we no longer just a stepping stone to the Champions League.


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