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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Two ticks, three crosses

If a player is special then we would consider signing him if he is over 27. While Juan Mata does not fit into that category, Zlatan Ibrahimovic does.

 Ibrahimovic rejected

Gianluca Di Marzio may be a Sky reporter in Italy but he also has his own website where he likes to get hits so his stories are often unable to be confirmed by other sources. He suggests that Tottenham have made an offer to the player, as have Manchester United and Real Madrid., bids from China, who are throwing money at football at the moment, the Middle East who again offer high wages and the USA from MLS.

It is said the 34-year-old (35 in October) Swedish international striker prefers a move to Manchester United. Given several factors the story sounds dubious.

Can he play the high energy game we do at 35? Admittedly, as a striker there is less work so he probably could. Kane managed a whole season on his own. we'll tick that box for now.

Is he special, undoubtedly, his scoring record speaks for itself, even if it wasn't always the best against English clubs. That would be a slight worry but we'll overcome those and tick that box as well.

Now we come to the downside. At 34 most players would be seeing their wages drop, but Ibrahimovic's name and scoring record set him apart. He has media appeal and thus marketing and sponsorship appeal. He can therefore still command premium wages. Would Tottenham be able to match those wages, highly unlikely that we would entertain the sort of figures he would be asking for. I'd have to put a cross against that one.

We may have put a proposal to him about helping youth and being a father figure in the club, but that seems unlikely to me. We have a young happy dressing room where everyone gets on, Ibrahimovic has a reputation for having a massive ego which has caused trouble in the past.

Would he actually fit in with the squad? Pochettino has made it clear that we will not be bringing in players who will upset the happy environment that has been created. A happy environment breeds happy people which breeds getting the best out of everybody. Is Ibrahimovic going to rock the boat? Will other players see his wage and start saying I want a wage increase? Bringing him in would be a risk I don't see us taking. I'm going t have to give him another cross.

Having referenced his ego, you have to ask would he be happy playing second fiddle to Harry Kane? Would he be happy sitting on the bench while Kane was playing? Answer is a resounding no, he'd want to be playing every game, he does at PSG and he won't be short of offers. He has to score another cross on that score.

Two ticks, three crosses, the no vote wins, no Ibrahimovic for Spurs.


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