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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Transfer talk: West ham not big enough for Lacazette

Get French Football News are reporting that rumoured Tottenham target, Alexandre Lacazette, just one of many possibles, has rejected West Ham United as most football followers expected.

Transfer talk: West ham not big enough for Lacazette

The reason will sound familiar to Tottenham supporters,  they don't have Champions League football. West ham are being linked with a host of players they haven't a hope of signing for the very same reason, it's a barrier we had to cross.

The Lyon striker has been heavily linked with us, he is an option but he may well be not top of our striker list. Transfers are not a case of having a list and signing the first one you can get, it is a very complicated process with a lot of if this happens then we'll do that.

Players and agents know the score, they know which clubs are options for them and they will wait to see if circumstances mean a Champions League club will come calling for them. That may mean that they have to wait and see if a club can't sign their first choice targets and then come calling for them.

the media portray everything as XYZ club are trying tio sign XYZ player when in fact all they are doing is establishing possibilities for a transfer window. Players, agents, clubs have to be sounded out to know their positions so a club like Tottenham can go into a window knowing what their options are.

We have been linked with many a striker and sensationalist websites after a hit like to pretend we are 'desperate' for a striker. Nonsense of course. We have a transfer strategy and only players who fit our requirements will be bought. If we were desperate we would have bought one in January, we weren't then and we are not now. we have several months to finalise something and we will have to wait and see if Jonathan calleri is joining us.

With UEFA Champions League to offer we are in a stronger position than we have been in previous windows. A striker and a wide attacker who scores goals are just two positions on the list to fill and we know Pochettino like versatility, so any striker must have more to his game than an ability to put the ball in the back of the net. he must be an intelligent footballer with anticipation and able to take on board new systems, not all layers can.

he also can't be lazy like Paulinho and expect a guaranteed place, as some do. Fans are the ones who need news of guaranteed signings to settle them, clubs don't need that so this desperation is in fact non-existent.



  1. Not big enough? Get ya facts right he wants to play in the champions league. Typical spuds bullshit lol

  2. Wayne I don't think you have read the article

  3. No clearly he hasn't, nor have most it seems. The point it makes is perfectly valid, players want Champions League football and won't sign for West ham because they don't have it. simple. If they were big enough they would be in the Champions League, right now they aren't. Simple.

  4. Yeah we spurs are huge, massive, we came ........ Behind arsenal again .....

  5. Where were West Ham, oh yeah, out of sight

  6. Wayne Phillips - The facts are right, West Ham are not a big enough club to have got into the Champions League, he wants to play Champions League, thus West Ham are not a big enough club for him. I thought that was very simple to understand. Guess It wasn't simple enough.



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