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Monday, 30 May 2016

Transfer Talk: Memphis Depay


Transfer Talk: Memphis Depay
Who me?

Manchester United massively overpaid for one time Tottenham target Memphis Depay. Figures of £18 million (€23.6m - US$26.3m - AUS$36.59m) were always excessive and not ones we were prepared to match for a player playing in a weak Dutch league.

It is a lot easier to stand out in a second tier league that doesn't have the pace and physicality of the Premier League. You have to assess how a player might adapt and that is always a guess, some take to it straight away, some don't. The French league is most like our own in physicality and Anthony Martial slotted in straight away.

There were plenty of stories of the 22-year-old (23 next February) Dutchman's ego and articles that he wanted to become the best in the world. That's a great aim if you have the motivation and dedication to carry it through. It involves having a winning mentality to work to improve your game every day. The stories of him causing unrest in the Manchester United dressing room because he wasn't being picked and couldn't get into the FA Cup Final side don't auger well.

Manchester United forked out an excessive £25.5 million (€33.43m - US$37.25m - AUS$51.84m) and it is doubtful he is of the standard Jose Mourinho would want at the club. They have a brilliant young striker, much like ourselves, but they have made a lot of mediocre purchases. A player who looks good in one system may not be able to play so well in another system, not all players have the required football intelligence to do so, something Sir Alex ferguson placed great faith in.

There is undoubtedly a talent in there, if he can get his head right, as Erik lamela had to do, then he could still yet succeed. It is doubtful Mourinho would be prepared to wait, Manchester United need a side now and they need performances now. Failing to qualify for the UEFA Champions League twice in the last three seasons tells it's own story.

We may well have dodged a bullet if he is disruptive in the dressing room, Pochettino has shown he doesn't tolerate players not buying into what he is building and stepping out of line.Plenty more fish in the sea.


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