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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Transfer talk: Mata talk is garbage

There have been plenty of reports linking several clubs with 23-year-old (24 in November) Marcelo Brozović, the Dynamo Zagreb player who is currently on loan to Inter Milan until 30 June. If you read the Italian press and the comments made it appears he wants to stay in Italy and that he will.
Brozović to stay in Italy

Transfer talk: Mata talk is garbage

I see one of the desperate HITC staff writers who have no interest in Tottenham are trying to cobble together a non-existent story. Juan Mata was sold by Mourinho and he is now going to the club he plays at. because Andre Villas-Boas wanted him that must mean that Mauricio Pochettino wants him, even though Mourinho sold him for not putting in the defensive effort he required of him.

Pochettino only wants players who totally buy into his philosophy and his attacking midfielders must do their defensive duties with energy. He, therefore, doesn't fit the profile of player we are seeking.

Then he is 28 and we have a transfer policy of not buying players over 27 unless they are special, Mata isn't special, Gareth Bale is special, Messi is special, Ronaldo is special, Mata is just another decent player. His age, therefore, precludes us being interested in hi also.

The story has nothing going for it and it shows you the staff writer isn't interested in or knows much about Tottenham Hotspur.

An Arsenal website is claiming that because it looks as if we have beaten then to Jonathan Calleri they couldn't have been interested. Why? Because they had never heard of him, just as they have never heard of anyone who doesn't play in Europe.

The author really needs to open their horizons, I'm afraid they have been sucked into being a designer label fan. They wet themselves when Sanchez arrived and now he wants out back to a bigger club with Bayern Munich favourites.

The Daily Star report that Alvaro Morata is interested in signing for Arsenal, he isn't. He is interested in signing for Juventus and has made it quite plain that he wants to stay there.



  1. Of course Juan Mata is special. Was Chelseas best player for 2 seasons where they won a champions league, europa league and an FA Cup.
    Got 21 goals and 29 assists in his second season at Chelsea before Mourinho came in.
    Louis Van Gaal has played him out of position a lot (he was virually playing right back when we beat them 3-0) rendering him much less effective but hes still a game changer and is probably the closest player out there to Eriksen in style of play (Eriksen was pretty pedestrian before poch too), in fact arguably Mata at his best is better than Eriksen as Eriksen has never looked like having a hand in 50 goals a season (neither has Bale).
    Not only would Mata provide cover/competition for Eriksen, who we are way too dependent upon but would also be insurance if Eriksen runs down his contract.

  2. Chelsea sold him because he is special, yeah that makes sense!
    There are plenty of players out thee who can do what Mata does. If you think Mata is better than the most expensive player is the world you need your head examined. He isn't a player for the future and thus isn't for Spurs. Sold because he wouldn't do the job we would want him to do, makes sense to sign him!

  3. Where have you been the last load of years Clive?
    Chelsea under Mourinho made several huge mistakes in letting some of their best players leave Mata, Lukaku and De Bruyne leave.
    Not only that, but how was Mata let go because he couldn't do the job we'd want him to do? As you don't seem to have noticed, we are not a mourinho counter-attacking team, we are an industrious high pressing team where players with vision like Eriksen, Lamela and Mata are very valuable in finding the killer passes or shooting from range.
    Please feel free to list these "plenty of players" who are capable of 21 goals and 29 assists in a season.

  4. Mourinho let Mata go because of his work ethic, he would do the defending part that Mourinho wanted from him. We would require him to do that to within our system so right there is how Mata was let go because he couldn't do the job we would want him to.

    Football is not just about attacking, attacking midfielders have to defend as well. We had years of being weak down one side because bale was freed from defensive duties and Eriksen was poor at them. Eriksen has now learnt when he plays that role and look at the difference it has made to Danny Rose game. he no longer gets isolated at full-back as used to happen all the time.

    Mata scored goals for 1 season, not every season, not does that mean he can score goals every season. Erik lamela for instance scored a stack of goals, only now are we seeing him perform.

    mata is too old to play a high energy game for long and we don't need to change our system to suit him, he isn't special. If he were United would have been built around him, he wasn't considered good enough to play in what you consider to be his position though. We'll just ignore that shall we!

    we most definitely are a counter-attacking team, that's when we are at our most dangerous. our players flood forward. That is mixed with patient possession play.

    I guarantee you he will not be coming to Spurs.

  5. Juan Mata has only scored double figures in the Premier League once in 5 seasons, 6, 12, 6, 9, 6 is his record.



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