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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The real reason Spurs improved fast

The Real Reason Spurs Improved Fast

The real reason Spurs improved fast

Mauricio Pochettino took Spurs back to basics to make the improvements in the club we so sorely needed. We had hit a buffer, we were relying on the players to prodiuce something individual to make the difference, when it didn't happen we struggled.

Kyle walker gave a very revealing interview recently and there was a lot to take from it. I have spoken of the mentality and the desire to improve oneself as a footballer, but he also revealed something else. The key to Tottenham improving has been larning to run off the ball, learning that it is more important when you don't have the ball than when you do.

"We can all play football, but one of the basics of this game is that you need to run about and work for each other. That’s what’s pushed us on to the next level." 

We saw it last season when Christian Eriksen was on the ball, there was no movement, no interchanging of the front four and therefore he had no passes to make. It made him look like he was having a bad game, but there was in fact little he could do apart from trying hlow percentage balls that would most probably would give the ball away.

The players have larnt the system better nowm they have larnt where to run when they don't have the ball, how to give the man on the ball options. There is no standing around admiring a pass, it's pass and move for a potential return, always looking for or looking to create space for someone else.

Harry Kane makes a lot of selfless runs, he pulls central defenders or the defensive midfielder out of the middle to give Dele Alli space to work in. Pulling an oponent where you want them to be and not where they want to be is a key part of our movement.

We overload the opposition with decisions to make and we make them make rushed desicions. Any player that arrives has to learn how we do things so fans have got to get used to giving a player time to adjust. Simply buying a player doesn't mean an instant difference. Son Heung-min has had the season others had last season so we can expext better next season. He will still be with us as the club like what they see and Pochettino wants to keep him, he is happy as well so is going nowhere.

It is great to watch some of our one touch play at times when we attack fast. It is dependent upon running off the ball, players are learning to instinctively know where a player is going to be, they know there is going to be someone running into space, which means the player on the ball doesn't have to panic.

As players play the system more we will continue to improve, while I don't want this season to end early I can't wait for next season to start.


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