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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sunday Spurs Reading

Another week has passed and many of you may have missed some articles from the week so below is a Sunday Spurs Reading selection starting with who we might be paired with in the group stages of the 2017 UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Spurs Pot 3, Leicester Pot 1, Arsenal Pot 2 - the draw is worked out from the UEFA coefficient score for each club in the non-champions section. The champions go into Pot 1 as do the tournament winners. Atletico Madrid we now know will be in Pot 2. We know all the teams in Pot 1 and all but one (which may well end up being Porto) in Pot 2.

New Stadium Video and Wembley - For those of you construction buffs or addicted video viewers is a video from a high crane of the works going on down below.

West ham only if all else fails for Batshuayi - A realistic look at the situation, a situation we have been in many a time but now we have the shoe on the other foot with UEFA Champions League football to offer. It seems West Han fans don't like reality.

Wanyama wants out at Southampton - Victor Wanyama wants to take the next step in his career and play UEFA Champions League football it seems, Southampton have qualified for the UEFA Europa League. While clubs like to keep players to progress the club, players look after their own careers and see clubs as stepping stones to something better. That causes conflict and always will.

A new Cup instead of a 5th league - A look at the proposal for a fifth league and an alternative suggestion I put forward to generate money, marketing, new jobs and interest at the bottom rung of our league system.

Transfer talk: Mata talk is garbage - The title speaks for itself really, a look at why the story connecting mata to Spurs simply doesn't have anything going for it.

Digging deeper on the Calleri situation - Again the title speaks for itself. I take a look at the South American system of tax avoidance using Uruguayan second tier clubs to transfer players without them even going anywhere near the club supposedly they play for. We would have to be careful as FIFA has fined clubs for using this system and want to change the wording of their rules to prevent it.


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