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Monday, 9 May 2016

Spurs try to prize Ruiz from Real Madrid

Spurs Try To Prize Ruiz fFom Real Madrid

Spurs try to prize Ruiz from Real Madrid

Pedro Ruiz is under our watchful gaze, but then he is under the watchful gaze of quite a few prominent clubs.

Th e youngster is a striker at Real Madrid has attracted the attention of Spur, Everton, Southampton and Manchester United while Juventus are taking a keen interest in him also, given they may lose Alberto Marata back to Real Madrid because of the buy-back clause in his contract. That is where it is difficult to buy a youngster from Real Madrid or Barcelona.

In Spain16-year-old  Ruiz is referred to as the next Morientes, not a bad player to be compared to. He takes part in an Under-16 tournament in Italy shortly and we will have a scout there watching him. Participants include Inter, Juventus, Chievo Verona, Bassano Virtus , Hellas Verona, Vicenza, AC Milan, Pro San Bonifacio, Atalanta, Altovicentino, Roma and, of course, Real Madrid.

Spanish clubs can't sign players on professional contracts until they are 18, remember Cesc Fabregas signing for Arsenal before his 18th birthday, which is why there in strong interest from ourselves  Manchester United. He is in negotiations with Real Madrid, but we are trying to tempt the 20-goal striker away.


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