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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Spurs still interested in centre-back Musacchio

Spurs Still Interested In Centre-Back Musacchio

Spurs still interested in centre-back Musacchio

When Tottenham and Villarreal are linked in the press at the moment everyone assumes that it is Denis Suarez we are after. Yes, we would like him but the 3m EUR buy-back clause, inserted when Barcelona sold him will be activated according to Barcelona. The have watched him and consistently said they will activate it at the end of the season and he is happy to return there.

Paul Mitchell went to Anfield to watch Liverpool tale on Villarreal and the press jumped all over the fact that he must have been watching Suarez thus we must be heading the chase, nonsense of course. It was merely an easy opportunity for our Head of Recruitment to see him play in the flesh as well as checking out Jordon Ibe, a Liverpool player we have been linked to, although he wasn't brought on.

There was another reason though. Last summer we tried to buy Mateo Musacchio, the 25-year-old (26 in August) Argentinian  centre-back at the Spanish club. He has third party ownership and Villarreal placed a ridiculous £50m on him to stop us buying him. Instead of splitting the transfer fee with his third party owners, Villarreal wanted a full transfer fee themselves and an additional transfer fee for the third party owners, which equated t the £50m.

A year on we have not lost interest in him and he is again on our list as a replacement for Federico Fazio, the player we signed when we couldn't get Musacchio. We now have Champions League football to offer and are a far better proposition for a potential target than we were a year ago. Villarreal, however, has made it to the play-off stages of the Champions League themselves.

Barcelona are watching him as their central defenders are over 30 and they need to look to the future. Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Aresnal are also keeping an eye on the situation. His contract ends in 2018 so if he doesn't sign a new contract this summer his price will start to drop. With the money in the Premier League now and the wages he can be offered, we'll have to wait and see whether we can tempt him this time, although if Barcelona firm up their interest, you'd expect him to remain in Spain.


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  1. It was 2 summers ago we were interested in Musacchio. Hes a player I think would do well for us and I think we should go after as I honestly think Wimmer could be another Eric Dier who has the youth, workrate and defensive nous to play defensive mid whilst being able to drop into a defensive 3 allowing the fullbacks to advance, and also be capable of covering defence like Dier (and like Wimmer done admirably this season).

    A lot depends on how Poch sees Wimmer, regarding whether we need a defender, a defensive mid or both.

    We definitely need a top number 9 to compete with and cover for Kane. Should be another big powerful skillful target man for our creators to find (rather than a Soldado type). I think Batshuayi is the closest match out there to Kane but also like the look of sebastian Heller.

    Ive been saying for years that we need a true number 10. Ive always said that once we have Lamela and Eriksen both creating we will be hard to stop and anytime we have Dembele in midfield we are hard to beat.

    This season Lamela has improved to about Eriksens level (think he will improve past that level) and we are much more potent going forward. Add to that the impact of Dele Alli who has bags of class both in scoring and creating ability for a player of his age, and we have improved considerably as a unit.

    However, neither Alli, Dembele, Eriksen, Kane or Lamela is a true number 10.
    Alli doesnt control the ball in tight spaces well and so turns over possesion a hell of a lot in advanced roles (is much better as a box to box where he gets a bit more space).
    Dembele has the ball controlling ability but doesnt create or score enough in the advanced role.
    Lamela and Eriksen can pass through the number 10 role from wider positions to decent effect but like Alli need more space.
    Alli and Dembele are both Box to box mids with different skillsets, Lamela and Eriksen are both creators with different skill sets.
    Chadli and Son are both goalscoring wingers with different skillsets.
    This summer spurs should easily have more than 100million to spend on players. We have the Berahino and Townsend money, plus the champions league 50m plus the 100m from the prem. Now sure we can use some of that money for securing players on good contracts but i reckon easily we dhoulld have enough to buy a good number 9, number 10 and a defender.

    Number 10s are never cheap but it depends on who is available. Dybala could be available for 50m (50m is the new 30m), James Rodriguez or Isco could be due to leave Madrid (if wages could be agreed), Draxler could be pried away from Wolfsburg (without champs league) and Hallilovic is surely fed up with the idea of never getting to be pivked ahead of messi, suarez, neymar or Turan. I believe Poch could improve any of those 3 players.
    Then there are players similar to Eriksen and Lamela who could cover or compete with them like Mata (due out if mourinho arriving), Calhanoglou, or Mahrez who should all be available this summer.

    Levy did mention buyingb2 big signings this summer if champs league.

    For me, it would be Batshuayi (30m), Dybala (50m) and Musacchio (20m).

    Then almost our whole squad would be english, belgian and argentinian.



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