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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Spurs linked Wilson likely to be overpriced

Our 'manager', something that was important to Pochettino apparently believes we must improve the squad to be able to handle the Premier League and the Champions League plus domestic cups.

Spurs linked Wilson likely to be overpriced

The Daily Express are trying to suggest there is going to be a tug-of-war between Tottenham and Liverpool for striker Callum Wilson, sorry but hardly what I would call strengthening. He was injured and missed most of the season so there are still question marks against him. he scored 5 goals early on but once sides got used to Bournemouth's style would he have continued scoring? That makes valuing him difficult.

We are about developing players so at 24 you can see where the press are coming from. The prices being quoted though are excessive, between £20 million (25.4m EUR - US$28.72m) and £35 million (44.44m EUR - US$50.26m).



  1. I think there way off with that valuation 10million max if your gonna give that kind of money u might aswell get lacazette from Lyon .

  2. Along with the recent injury, don't underestimate the desire of Bournemouth to keep the likes of Wilson. After a full season in the premier league he may move on, but not before he repays the club and fans.



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