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Monday, 23 May 2016

Son doesn't think Spurs want to sell him

The press inspired stories of Tottenham wanting to sell Son Heung-min, which I believe stemmed from the mind of a Daily Telegraph reporter, look to have no basis to them.

Son doesn't think Spurs want to sell him

The word from inside Tottenham prior to the Newcastle United game as that Spurs thought Son was worth keeping after showing glimpses of promise prior to his injury. Ahead of training for his national side South Korea, he said he didn't think there was anything for him to worry about.

"I haven't heard anything from the club regarding those transfer rumors. I'm sure my club will take care of this, and I think there is nothing special for me to be worried about. 
"My first season in the EPL didn't meet my expectations, but I had a good experience. For my first season, I played with the thought that I should learn many things here."

Tottenham will have to think carefully over Son as he is due to do his mandatory 2-year military service, unless he represents his country at the Olympics, then he becomes exempt.

"I already told my club that I want to go the Olympics, and they seemed to be examining my request with a positive attitude."

After the Newcastle game anything could happen at Tottenham and some players will go, but it isn't the time to simply throw a plan out the window and start again with a fresh bunch of players. It is a time to evolve, to keep the majority, pick off the weak ones and replace them. There are weaker players than Son at Spurs. He has Champions League experience, which not many players at Spurs have. 

I have seen nothing to suggest he is going anywhere and I don't see him going anywhere.


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