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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Sadio Mane coming to Spurs this summer

Am amusing story doing the rounds is the creative thinking that thinks Jamie Vardy, Theo Walcot, Sadio Mane and Christian Benteke would be interested in going to West Ham.

Why would a player who has just won a Premier League title and is looking forward to playing in the UEFA Champions League want to swap that for a side struggling to hold onto a UEFA Europa League place? It makes no sense, someone has lost their marbles I think.

Sadio mane can command a move to a Champions League club so as we know to our cost he won't jump at the chance of a move to West Ham. Manchester United are reported to be interested in him and there is a guy on Twitter suggesting he has heard the 24-year-old (25 next April) Senegalese wide man si coming to Spurs.

Someone I know who has sources inside Spurs told me on the weekend Sadio Mane is joining us in the summer

We'll see how accurate that is, I can't say I have heard anything myself.

Theo Walcott would surely be looking for a Champions League team as would Christian Benteke. They may be setting their sights high but they have nothing to offer, apart from money, the same as all Premier League clubs now.



  1. This guy who promoted the Mane to Spurs story I assume also covered his head in tin foil to protect him from signals from space?



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