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Friday, 13 May 2016

Pochettino sets standards

If you want to be successful you have to set high standards, trying to achieve something isn't good enough, you have to totally believe you can achieve something because then your efforts will be that little bit better, you'll put that little bit more in. The more you put in the more you get out.

Daniel Levy sets tough standard., He sets tough standards of his managers. He sets tough standards for club staff.  We didn't achieve the commercial revenue he wanted a few years back so he changed those who were accountable for that. he has had a vision of where he wants us to be and has built us off the field to get there. He has now found a manager who can build us on the field too.

Both have standards, the standards of winners. It is a mentality that those who do not possess it don't understand, they can't unless they are taught how to think and put it into practice. It is what separates the amateur footballer from the elite, it is what separates the successful businessman from the unsuccessful.

Pochettino sets standards

Switching performances on and off isn't an option, there aren't any games that don't matter, every game is a chance to improve something, whether individually or as a team. Winning is a habit, so is a mental attitude.

We have taken 2 points from the last 9 with a performance at the weekend that smacked of feeling sorry for ourselves. How a player reacts from disappointment is more important than how they react to success. It is easier to play when you are in a successful side as you should be flowing with positive emotion and in any walk of life, you perform your job better if you are happy.

Harry Kane has stressed the importance of the Newcastle game and therefore finishing above Arsenal. Hardly surprising I wrote an article 2 years ago stressing that Spurs players must learn from Harry Kane, his mental approach is exactly as it should be, it's a winning mentality.

To be the best you can be, you need to minimise the bad games and maximise the good games, you do not decide any particular game doesn't matter, that's the mental approach of a fun player, a player who can be good but in all honesty will never achieve anything. There is no place for that mentality if you want to win trophies.

Mauricio Pochettino stressed after the Southampton defeat that there was still work to do on Spurs mentality. Conceding soft goals and two of them were a result of their mentality not being in the right zone. It is important to switch back into the mentality we had all season.

ErikLlamela talked about the intensity of training to ensure Tottenham can play the way we do. If one or two suddenly turn off that intensity then the whole team is affected. The off the ball movement becomes slower and more reactive rather than proactive. That results in the passer of the ball not having the options he would normally have or decision making slower, again having an effect on our play.
“He is a great manager for us. He sets high standards for us and is clear in what he wants. The style in which we play means training has to be intense and we work hard every day.
“Of course we are disappointed but we need to remain positive. We have achieved a lot of things to be proud of this season and have progressed from last season. Our goal is to always keep improving.”

Standards are not something you turn on and off, they are constant. We play Newcastle on Sunday and those standards need to be in evidence, the players need to show the coach their mental toughness.

Showing a weakness when things haven't gone your way has to be quickly dismissed, weakness is barred from a successful mind. Without a successful mind, success n the pitch will not follow. The way to counter disappointment is to set new challenges, we now have a challenge before us and how the players react will tell Pochettino something about them. They can play when things are going well, can they play when things are not, can they pick themselves up and motivate themselves?

Winners can.



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