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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Pochettino consults Ferguson on Spurs Champions League challenge

Pochettino Consults Ferguson On Spurs Champions League Challenge

Pochettino consults Ferguson on Spurs Champions League challenge

One took a floundering club and turned them into a lasting world force, the other is undertaking the same task with encouraging initial results.

Sir Alex Ferguson was a better manager than many realised, despite all his trophies. he not only changed the culture at a club, he not only developed a winning mentality, but he built several sides and even won the Premier League title with what many considered to be an ordinary side. David Moyes couldn't handle it and Louis van Gaal is having to rebuild a side, we'll see next season how successful that is or whether he has gone by the wayside also.

Mauricio Pochettino has arrived at Tottenham like with a club in a similar position, one in a position consistently lower than it should be. Ferguson knew for United to be successful the club had to be run as a successful business, fortunately for Pochettino that was already in place at Spurs. All the club was waiting for was a manager with that something extra, that special touch.

It isn't enough to build a side for now, to have sustained success you have to build a conveyor belt of talent for the future. Relying on always spending money to build is fraught with danger. There are far too many players out there with talent, who simply don't have the burning desire to be the best they can be. There are far too many that almost go through the motions, our own Mousa Dembele is a prime example. He always had talent, but he was never the player he could become, now a change of mentality and he has just been rated as the best box-to-box midfielder in Europe by one organisation.

If you are building something long-term at a club then why not consult someone who has been there and done it. Mauricio Pochettino, his assistant Jesus Perez and Sir Alex Ferguson had lunch together at Scott’s Restaurant in London’s Mayfair on Tuesday.

With years of experience at the top and years of UEFA Champions League experience, it makes sense for Pochettino and Perez tap into that knowledge ahead of their first Champions League campaign. Pochettino had to learn how to handle the UEFA Europa League and the Premier League, the Champions League is a different matter. To pick the brains of Sir Alx to assist preparing for that and for building something that lasts makes perfect sense.



  1. Dembele is virtually the same player hes always been for us and does the same job hes always done for us. Ot is not that he is changed it is that the media narrative regarding him has changed and people have bought into that.

    Dembele is the same midfield boss he was in AVBs first season.

    AVBs second season and Sherwoods reign he dint get a look in for some insane reason (probably Baldini) putting paulinho being ahead of him.

    It took a fair time for Dembele to catch Pochettinos eye at Spurs but he did.

  2. Pochettino the manager with that 'something extra' thats won nothing 0.

    Leagues 0
    European Cups 0
    Domestic Cups 0



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