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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Pochettino and his coaching staff learning in Doha

To be successful you can never rest on your laurels, you have to make continual improvements, however small in every aspect, both on and off the field on the playing side and in the business side of the club.

I have championed for three years now improving how we mentally assess players for instance and while we have made progress in this area there is still a way to go as the end of the season showed.

I recall an article I wrote on Erik lamela that said if you have the mental weakness he was demonstrating at the time, it is always there and it can come back at any time. I use him as an example rather than to pick on him. When things were going well he grew in confidence and his game progressed, when it came to the end he stopped making the forward runs off the ball that we needed. He wasn't the only one and without that movement our game fell apart. We were then rushing around reacting to play instead of dictating play.

You go back to the League Cup Final against Chelsea last season and to be honest we weren't really in the game. Couple the two together and you have cause for concern when it matters.

Mentality is just one aspect, injury prevention and recovery is another key area we have made improvements in. Further improvements need to be made and visiting facilities, learning from others is all a part of that process.

While others have been preparing for the European Championships Mauricio Pochettino has taken the chance to look at advances in sports science. he and his coaching staff, Assistant Head Coach, Jesus Perez, Head of Medical & Sport Science, Dr Shabaaz Mughal, visited the Aspire Academy in Doha.

“We have heard great things about Aspetar and Aspire Academy and wanted to come and see for ourselves. It has been mind-blowing what we have seen here and we are extremely impressed by it all. There is a lot we could gain in our work from what we have seen during our tour and we will explore avenues of collaboration and mutual cooperation with Aspetar and Aspire Academy. 
“Make the most of the experienced football people here and in Qatar. You can benefit greatly from spending time with and learning from inspirational people. This is something l encourage fellow coaches to do.”


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