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Monday, 2 May 2016

Poch staying gives Spurs an elevated status in the transfer window

Pochettino Staying Gives Spurs an Elevated Status in the Summer Transfer Window

Poch staying gives Spurs an elevated status in the transfer window

Kyle Walker showed in his comments that the Tottenham players had been sworn to secrecy over Pochettino agreeing a new deal. When you work with someone every day you know what is happening at a football club, just as agents do.

“I’ve been waiting for someone to say that for ages now. He’s said it. Thank God for that! I’m over the moon about that.”

Those were his words when the news was eventually releasd by Pochettino just as the daft PSG story was getting the Chinese whispers treatment. That all stemmed from one reporter responding on radio to a question about who his choice would be is Laurent Blanc was sacked.

He said Pochettino and pointed out that years ago he had said he'd be happy to return one day. That morphed into daft stories questioning Pochttino's future so before they got out of hand once again he quashed them.

That also helps our transfer policy too, we are discussing potential moves with players and they naturally want to know if Pochettino is going to be staying and will wait until we have Champions League football before making any decisions.

We have bargaining chips that we didn't have before and we are a more favourable proposition now than we have been for the last 10 years. The team we have will be staying together, the players love Pochettino and he loves his players if they toe the line. Step outside it and you get isolated, you then have to back down and prove your worth and commitment on the training ground or you have to leave.

We are looking at a bright future under Pochettino and this could be an interesting window given our elevated status now. Reports suggest he is going to be the highest paid manager in our history, hardly surprising as prices always go up, bit like the dadt title they give pictures that make the most money, how can a film in 1950 gross what a film does today, its rather meaningless.

Still he won't be on a cheap wage, the 5-year deal he is going to sign is believed to be worth 5m-a-year, which will no doubt include all the bonuses for finishing positions, trophies won, qualification for tournaments and so on. An actual basic wage would be a different figure alltogether.


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