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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Pathetic story of the day

Yesterday's pathetic story of the day was Spurs pair leaving, Christian Eriksen to Juventus and Nabil Bentaleb to anywhere. Bentaleb may but Eriksen won't. The Eriksen element has since been posted by a staff writer for HITC, who no doubt has no interest in Tottenham Hotspur.

Today it is the turn of the Daily Star who come up with the ludicrous headline of Tottenham losing their grip on international defender.

All it is is a story about DeAndre Yedlin who wasn't good enough for our squad and was loaned out to Sunderland. The article suggests Sunderland are going to approach us to keep him, quite how that is losing our grip who knows.

He is under contract, we have been watching his progress while we have progressed ourselves, Has he progressed enough to challenge Kieran Trippier? given his lack of technical ability that may be unlikely.

Yedlin himself says he is keeping all doors open so hardly a definitive he is leaving or a loosening of our grip.


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