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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Opposition see Spurs as a big threat now

Opposition See Spurs As A Big Threat Now

Chelsea fans celebrate like they have won the league simply because they managed a draw against us at home, Arsenal fans clamouring for a points deduction to beat us and West Ham United thinking beating us is the highlight of their season.

it's quite clear clubs are now running scared of Tottenham and that playing against us now their biggest games of the season. They, although they wouldn't admit it publicly, are more motivated to play against us than any other side it seems.

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For some, it is understandable that they want to try and create a derby atmosphere, they don't really have a derby to play. Arsenal are our derby game, West ham and Chelsea are just another two games, the significance is all their end.

IOt is something the club has to be prepared for and these young group of players have been given a lesson to take into next season. Every game is a big game, every game is worth three points, but certain clubs will be extra motivated.

They protest on one hand that Spurs are not a big club, but then treat us like a big club by being more motivated to play us than they are other clubs! The last game of the season for Chelsea is against Chelsea, you could see from our game that Chelsea would not play with the same intensity against Leicester City, they haven't done so all season. There would have been none of this integrity of the league nonsense the commentators love to quote to cover themselves.

Chelsea consistently demonstrates that they are prone to lacking the kind of level of integrity required with the way the try to influence referees by manhandling and haranguing them all the time.

The object was to build a club that consistently challenges for honours and the foundations have been well and truly laid by Pochettino, much to the fear of other clubs it seems.


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