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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Nonsense Wilson stories put to bed

lWhy is Callum Wilson saying he is loyal a blow to Tottenham? We aren't trying to buy him and we certainly wouldn't be offering the silly prices the Daily Express are quoting.

Nonsense Wilson stories put to bed

This is a story conjured by them, one of many this window, where they establish a link to create a story, discuss it in a few articles and then end it by saying XYZ player has decided to stay where he is. The rest of the press dive in and take sensationalist angles "Eddie Howe is fuming" for instance when in fact there was very little chance of him leaving.

Callum Wilson has scored 5 goals yet the Daily Express are talking about him like he is a star striker. I mean no disrespect to Bournemouth or Wilson, but he isn't proven at the top level yet. He has shown a glimpse of promise before injury. He only actually scored in three games, a hat-trick against West Ham, one versus Leicester City and one against Sunderland. According to the Transfer Taverrn that means he is 'lethal'! Scoring in three games out of thirteen isn't what I'd call lethal.

We may well be interested, but as it stands that is as far as it goes. We may well have bigger fish to fry. Offering Mason is probably an invention of the media to follow on from their story that Bournemouth have him near the top of their wish list. Mason would have to be pushed out the door because he isn't going to leave a club going into a season of Champions League football.

"I am a loyal person," Wilson told the Daily Echo. "I am grateful to Bournemouth for giving me the opportunity to play at a high level in the Championship. 
“We had a good season last year and got promoted and then I got my chance to play in the Premier League.

"I want to maintain that for as long as possible.”

Sounds like there was never a story there in the first place.


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