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Saturday, 28 May 2016

No surprise we are linked with Wijnaldum

It is hardly a surprise that Georginio Wijnaldum wants to jump ship at Newcastle and that we have been linked with a move.

Back on 17 May I wrote 'A move for Wijnaldum' it all seemed pretty obvious. Now as the season has settled his agent has said he is considering his future. Of course he is, he isn't a Championship standard player and he'd be wasting a year of his short career.

Newcastle fans might not like to hear that but that's the reality. Will Newcastle force him to stay? That's another question. he didn't score a single goal away from home and the Championship is a robust league, would he like that league?

His agent is already saying what a wonderful club Roma is so he certainly isn't doing anything to dampen the flames is he. There is also a claim that he has been made available for £11.44 million (€15m - US$16.76m - AUS$23.23m) which is obviously a reporters invention. I don't believe there would have been a clause inserted in his contract that allows him to be sold for less than he was bought for in the event of relegation. No chairman can possibly be that daft.

He won't be the only player to leave Newcastle this summer.


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