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Monday, 16 May 2016

Niguez set to reject Spurs and stay at Atletico Madrid

NiguezSset tTRreject Spurs And Stay At Atletico Madrid

Niguez set to reject Spurs and stay at Atletico Madrid

Spanish daily AS, a sports newspaper and the biggest daily in Spain report that Tottenham are going to step up interest in Atletico Madrid midfielder Saul Niguez.

Now we can not be sure of our transfer policy this summer, however, it is presumably going to remain in the strategy we have successfully been using thus far under Pochettino. We need to prepare for the Champions League and we should always be looking to strengthen if the right players are available at the right price.

It is unlikely that that price is going to be £35.44 million (45m EUR - US$50.89m) for a defensive midfielder. The daft wages that were thrown at this story and repeated by a multitude of blogs for some reason, would not be paid either.

The Spanish club seem confident he will stay, and why wouldn't they, he is about to take part in the Champions League Final against arch rivals Real Madrid, the second time Diego Simeone has taken them there in just three years. Their president, Enrique Cerezo, thinks the midfielder sees his future at the club.

“Saul has a contract with us. He’s come through our academy and is Atletico through and through. From what I know, and from what the player himself has told me, he wants to stay with us."
there seems no reason to doubt him or the players desires and no special reason why he would want to leave. The smart money is on Niguez not being a Spurs player next season.


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