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Friday, 27 May 2016

New stadium video and Wembley

The building of the new stadium continues at pace, it has a tight schedule if it is to be ready in time.

It is an open secret that we will be using Wembley and the media have tried to make a big play of Chelsea wanting to use it, but they, as far as I am aware, don't even have planning permission to build anything yet.

With the reduction of seating as the old ground is dismantled Tottenham naturally want to maximise the opportunity that playing in the UEFA Champions League provides. Reducing our income with a limited size ground doesn't make sense while using Wembley has plenty of advantages.

Firstly there is the crowd, we can sell more tickets and the games will provide Tottenham with plenty of exposure, especially around the world, something we need to do. We MUST raise out profile worldwide and that means playing in the Champions League on a regular basis. Playing at Wembley will generate additional interest that we would playing at a limited White Hart Lane.

Fans around the world still click on stories about our rivals and regular Champions League sides, something we must address. It isn't all about UK fans and the supporters who can fit into the ground, the club is bigger than that. The bigger the fan base around the world the bigger opportunity for income we have.

Chelsea are getting a £60m-a-year sponsorship deal with Nuke, we are looking at a £25-30m because they have greater exposure than we do. If we want to compete with that it is a whole lot more than just building a new stadium that can house more people. Sponsorship deals are not aimed at these people, they are aimed at the fan base away from the stadium.

The Wembley deal for Champions League football has to be finalised as the Champions league have to know our home venue next month. We are negotiating for the Champions League for next season, for home games for the following season and a contingency plan to play games there if the stadium isn't ready in time. Wembley would like three separate deals with three prices, we prefer the idea of a group price set in stone.price.

Either way, it will be sorted in a week or two.

The latest video of the new stadium build is below.


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