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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Lloris to agree a new deal, deserves huge credit

Lloris To Agree a New Deal, deserves huge credit

Lloris to agree a new deal, deserves huge credit

The ITK in the forums suggests that Mauricio Pochettino verbally agreed on a new contract in January, that fits in with his time at Southampton.

We, like other clubs work with out manager at least a window ahead, by that I mean we discuss in January to summer transfer window. Pochettino failed to get the assurances he was after at Southampton according to the players that left and he decided to leave at the end of the season there and then.

The opportunity was available at Tottenham and he took it, as we can see with some success. We will have discussed the summer transfer window with him in January and he will have received all the assurances he would naturally seek and thus verbally agreed on a contract extension. Bonuses next season will depend on where we finish this season, improvements get bonuses, going backwards reduces them, thus the contract will be signed once the season has finished.

Christian Eriksen will sign, he already knows what Pochettino is going to do and now comes news that Hugo Lloris is going to sign a new deal keeping him with us for the next 5 years.

“I don’t take it like we failed. We are still a young squad and there is a lot of positives this season. It’s been a brilliant run and we can't lose sight of that. There is no reason why we can’t have a bright future…”

he and Pochettino have a bond and Lloris wanted to be a part of helping the club grow. Others have tried but couldn't take us the next step, Llorisis the captain, the father figure to help the Spurs youngsters. He is one of the world's top goalkeepers so for the youngsters it gives them a feeling of security and confidence to perform.

I think they value of Lloris can not be underestimated and while Pochettino rightly takes a lot of plaudits, Lloris deserves many too for his off the field work. he is a credit to the club and is another in a long line of great goalkeepers we have been blessed with over the years.


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