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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lallana too old for a £20m price tag

Lallana Too Old For A £20m Price Tag

Lallana too old for a £20m price tag

It was clear to Spurs fans at the time that Adam Lallana had made the wrong move when he went to Liverpool. It didn't look a natural fit and smacked of a money move with Southampton overvaluing their players and Liverpool desperate to try and buy back a league position. That tactic failed and they ended up with players who didn't fit their system, such as Benteke losing value in the transfer market.

We have not lost interest, as you would expect with Mauricio Pochettino knowing all about him from his time as Southampton manager. The newspapers are throwing £20 million at the story which is rather high given he is 28-years-old (29 next May). In a couple of years he'll be 30 and his value then starts to sink.

Much as some fans don't like to think of the financial side it is a must for a business. Why buy a 28-year-old for £20m when you can buy a 23-year-old for the same figure, just as good and with plenty more years ahead of him. He retains or increases his value if he is a success so financially he is a better asset.

Liverpool would love to sell him now before they get stuck with a 30-year-old winding down his contract. At the prices quoted he has to be a no-go, reduce them to a more sensible figure taking his age into account and who knows.


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  1. Literally one of the stupidest articles I've come across! "he is 28-years-old (29 next May). In a couple of years he'll be 30"........moron!



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