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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Is Newcastle fixture our biggest game of the season

Sunderland thumped Everton last night to secure Premier League status in front of their own fans and in an added bonus sent their fierce rivals Newcastle United into the Championship.

That is good news for Tottenham, given our last game is away to the Rafa Benitez trained team who have become defensively more solid. Tottenham, of course, need a point to finish above Arsenal and we didn't really want to play a team who were fighting for their survival.

Now there may be a negative reaction to already being relegated, just as Spurs players mentally were not at the races after finally conceding the title at Chelsea. Nobody knows how they will react and neither do we know if the Spurs players have grasped the importance of finishing above Arsenal, one or two certainly do, but do they all?

For our system to be successful it requires everyone to be mentally on their game. We rely on off the ball running and mental anticipation. When component parts, especially in midfield are not fully committed to the game then it affects everyone else's game, the passes they expect to make are not possible if a player hasn't anticipated where the pass is going to go.

You can't play slick one-touch football at the angles we play it at without committed movement, half-hearted hopefulness is n no good at all. Without complete commitment you react slower, you make decisions slower so the motivation has to be found, the players have to react after the last performance.

For Spurs fans, this last game is one of the biggest games of the season now, is it for the players?



  1. Is it the biggest game of the season?
    No. And not by any stretch of your weird imagination.
    This childish obsession with finishing above Arsenal is akin to Jack Retard's antics on top of the bus.
    Rivalries are fine but when it gets to a game between 2nd and 18th being questioned as the biggest game of Tottenham"s season, a reality check is needed.
    I'll be delighted when we see up 2nd spit with a good win. If we falter and drop to third I can take solace in the fact our season has still been better than the Gunners'.

  2. If we finish below Arsenal we have had a better season! You obviously set low standards. The table reveals who has had a better season, if they finish above us, they have.

    1. At the start of thecseason, we AIMED for top four. With three games to go, we were a chance to be champions. A couple of silly and needless suspensions cost us that.
      Arsenal EXPECTED a top four place, aimed to be champions and never looked like it from the new year.
      THERE"S the difference that makes our season better than theirs.
      And your comment about me setting low standards suggests you didn't think this through.

  3. I have thought it through, bottom line is the league table determines your season, full-stop, not expectation. Winners don't make excuses. You beat us so we are better than you isn't success, it is an excuse for not achieving success. Finishing above Arsenal is the only way we will have had a better season than them. It is entirely about the standards you set. Yours show weakness and an acceptance of failure, that id not a winning mentality and not a mentality we need amongst the players.

  4. There we go a 5-1 thrashing and our manager telling us it's a mental problem. Spot on, he and I agree then.



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