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Friday, 27 May 2016

Have they rejected a £9.54m Spurs bid?

How can you follow a player to Spurs if the player isn't at Spurs and hasn't even agreed to join the club? Answer, they can't.

If you are going to speculate who is coming to the club do so, but don't pretend they are following someone who has hardly had his mentioned in the same breath as us. Portuguese paper Fichajes report that we have recently made contact with Shakhtar Donetsk for Marlos Romero.

They suggest the Ukranian club won't sit down to negotiate for less than £19.07 million (€25m - US$27.97m - AUS$38.75m), yet German outlet Bild report interest from Germany in him and that he will cost £11.44 million (€15m - US$16.78m - AUS$23.25m).

 Another story, from ESPN Brazil, suggest that Shakhtar Donetsk has turned down a £9.54 million (€12.5m - US$13.99m - AUS$19.36m) offer from Tottenham.

Brazilian Romero is a 27-year-old (28 in June) attacking midfielder so it sounds like the usual stories from this source, wildly inaccurate. It gives you a chance to see how the British media act, as the Daily Express have reported the story from this source. Have they checked with other sources to check credibility? The answer looks like no. They have simply taken it at face value and reported it as fact.

Looking at it realistically he doesn't fit in with our age policy, a policy Mauricio Pochettino has publicly stated we will continue with this window. Bearing that in mind I doubt very much that Mauricio Pochettino has instructed our hierarchy to get him, almost at all costs.

Likelihood factor: pretty damn low.


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