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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Former Leicester player, well worth a read

Well worth a read is a piece by Steve Howard, a name most will probably not know. He is a 39-year-old property developer who has more than 400 to his name. Prior to that there was 5 promotions, 209 goals, 781 games, legendary status at the likes of Leicester City, Luton Town and Hartlepool United.

Toughest place to go - Stoke City under Tony Pulis. The way they played football was horrendous. You’d be sitting in the bus after the game and it felt like you’d been in a fight. It was long ball, beat people up, bully and brawl.

Favourite place to go - I loved White Hart Lane. Old ground, crowd on top of you, great atmosphere.

It gives an insight into how footballers see the game as opposed to how fans see the game, often entirely differently. 

Ambition - I’m on a mission to sort out the future of as many footballers as I can.

I saw a statistic the other day that three out of every five go bankrupt within five years of leaving the game. When you think of how much they earn, that’s crazy.

I’ve invested in property since I was 19-20, and now I’m working with the PFA to get among current players, give them a bit of education and help them build up a property portfolio.

Read the full article here:  Steve Howard

And to any Leicester City fans reading this, congratulations on winning the title, a truly remarkable achievement and one that can only draw praise from us all, even Spurs fans. See you in the Champions League, now that sounds good doesn't it.


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