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Saturday, 28 May 2016

European Super League is completely ridiculous

Premier League Cif Executive Peter Scudamore is the latest to express his rejection of the idea of a European Super League.

European Super League is completely ridiculous

Clubs in one team leagues like Bayern Munich, PSG and Juventus are frightened of the revenue being generated by the Premier League. We have a competitive competition and thus the world wants to watch it. TV companies, therefore, pay big money to do so.

There is no competition in France, Italy and Germany and audiences are therefore not interested in watching the football so they can't get anywhere near the size of TV deal. The Bundesliga in its first season being shown in America has been a flop. Spain is a two team league with Atletico Madrid always there but the fourth-placed team is usually miles away. Again there is the problem of competition and that is all caused by the disparity in income.

The Premier League dishes out TV money among all clubs and thus the Premier League is by far the most competitive. Shock results matter. If Bayern Munich or PSG lose it's almost irrelevant.

These clubs want to increase their revenue at the expense of other clubs in their country, they want big games that generate income and thus, a European Super League is their way forward. It would kill football in their countries as the European League would be a closed shop with no promotion or relegation.

Premier League clubs do not need it and Scudamore said the Premier League will remain a 'pure' league by which he meant the winners win, the bottom team are relegated, no play-off games to determine finishing positions or gain entry into the Champions League.

The Champions League was set up to stop a breakaway league, the big teams wanted guaranteed football against the other traditional top sides in Europe. Now that some of them are not qualifying again, manchester United have only qualified once in three years, the idea of guaranteeing their involvement is being mooted.

The same is happening in Italy where a side like AC Milan have a name but can't get Champions League football. Peter Scudamore has said he will fight any rule changes to help guarantee these sides participation.

“You know me well enough to know what my position would be. Clearly it’s an open competition in our view. We don’t have play-offs or anything in our league. 
“If you land in the first three places in you are in the Champions League and it is as simple as that. The idea you might average the qualification over a number of years just seems completely ridiculous. 
“The reason we don’t have play-offs is we have a pure competition. The winners win and the people who finish bottom get relegated. Harsh though that is, it is pure and simple and everyone understands and that is part of our core values. The reason we don’t need play-offs is that we have a mini-competition within for second, third, fourth, fifth place. There are 10 [clubs] worrying about relegation and 10 trying to get European spots and therefore it doesn’t need any altering.”

He isn't the only one to be dead against the idea. Lars-Christer Olsson, chairman of the European Professional Football Leagues, said on Monday that his group is ''absolutely against'' the idea of a Super League and that ''there are better ways to improving European football.''

"We would like to make it clear that we are absolutely against an introduction of a European Super League. We think that the European competitions should be based on the qualification from the domestic league competitions. 
"We must keep the dream alive for all clubs. We will work hard to protect the current calendar so that there is room for domestic club competition, in addition to European club competitions."
Spanish league president Javier Tebas has also been an outspoken critic of the Super League idea.

"The domestic leagues would be greatly affected by it. From the beginning, our position has been against the European Super League and other similar projects. The European Super League would be a complete failure."


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