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Friday, 6 May 2016

Do you trust the Premier League?

Glad to see others are picking up on Chelsea's lack of integrity and the lack of integrity in the Premier League, suggesting like me, that they don't trust sides in the league anymore.

Boyle Sports - Do you trust the Premier League? I don't

I have long been critical of officials, that some show bias is unquestionable, whether deliberately or otherwise only they know. The Premier League and FA must be happy to have controversy so it keeps everyone talking about the game.

Recently a referee was moved from a Spurs game because he was a Leicester City fan, that all but admits that he can be influenced. We know referees can because yet again we saw Chelsea do it to Mark Clattenburg.

Together with the criticism though I have put forward ways to help the officials have greater respect in the game. Only when you protect them can you expect them not to be intimidated and to make more of the tough calls and get more decisions right.

I have to say I agree with the article, I no longer watch athletics or snooker and watch cycling less simply because I can't trust what I am seeing. When you get to that stage you have lost a spectator, probably for good.

Integrity has to be brought back into the sport and that mean stopping team like Chelsea surrounding referees and mentally putting them under a pressure they don't have to be under. Until that changes, we will continue to see dodgy refereeing.



  1. Your Just a piece of who you are! you dont even have a point. please leave football and watch your cycling actively

  2. I don't trust PL I just witnessed a season long cheating,diving,kicking people off the park,short pulling,punching,throttling opposition rewarded with a Title winners trophy.Spurs played football,scored the most goals,created the most chances,defended as the best..But didn't have the support Leicester received from some hidden hand..

  3. Fully agree with the article and opinion. The money involved creates opportunity, and the inconsistencies are there for everyone to see. Cahill kicks Kane off the pitch, 2 footed lunges, New Years day at the lane. Dembele touch a face near an eye, 6 game ban. Ridiculous. The standard of refereeing is terrible. I hope with the downfall of Blatter, that video comes in to football. It has to. I just think nobody offered FIFA enough backhanders to do it. These things are the future of the game. Harassing referees must be stopped, diving retrospectively punished, and a whole new approach to keep the integrity of the game must be adopted, or we will lose all credibility. And if we lose that, the money will dry up, and the game will suffer. We live in a new age, and must adopt new practices to go with it. Whether for good or worse, it has to be done to protect what the game has become.

  4. I very much agree. I've been shocked this year to see what many sides get away with. I particularly agree that just blaming the refs is no solution. I love that some of the suggestions seen here are positive ways to help the situation rather than simple whines.

    All that said, with Blatter gone there's hope and reason to believe that all will get better with time.




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