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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Chadli to stay at Spurs

The Evening Standard have made a guess that Tottenham 'nay' sell Nacer Chadli 'if' Mauricio Pochettino decides he wants a more ruthless player. The claim he has 'once again' struggled to hold down a first team place.

Chadli to stay at Spurs

Let's conveniently forget he has been injured from October until the middle of December so others had cemented their place, let's conveniently forget his 13 goals and 5 assists in the previous season

His 7 goals and 5 assists in 1,632 minutes, a goal every 200 minutes, a positive impact every 136.17 minutes this season are better than the previous season.

Nacer Chadli 2015/16
Goal every 200 minutes
Positive Impact every 136.17 minutes

The his 13 goals and 5 assists the previous season (something people have conveniently forgotten) took 227 minutes to score and his positive impact was timed at 163.83 minutes.

Nacer Chadli 2014/15
Goal every 227 minutes
Positive Impact every 163.83 minutes

How does that compare to Erik Lamela? He scored 11 goals this season and had 10 assists. He played 3,072 minutes. That's a goal every 279 minutes and a positive impact time of a very healthy 146.29 minutes.

Erik Lamela 2015/16
Goal every 270 minutes
Positive Impact every 146.29 minutes

Christian Eriksen scored 8 goals and had 16 assists in 3,906 minutes. That a goal every 488 minutes and a positive impact time of 165.25 minutes.

Christian Eriksen 2015/16
Goal every 483 minutes
Positive Impact every 165.25 minutes

When you look at the statistics and take the heart and emotion out of the equation there is no reason to sell him, he performs on these statistics just as well as everyone else.

There is a lot of emotion in fans deciding who should go and who should stay, often without much logic behind it. chadli hasn't been as bad as some suggest. It's simply that dele Alli has been a revelation and Eriksen has therefore had to move into Chadli's position, while Lamela has stepped up to the plate.

He isn't a bad understudy and a club needs squad players like this who have proven they can play in the Premier League. We let Andros Townsend go because he wouldn't take on board Pochettino's instructions so he needs replacing. Alex Pritchard is unproven so it is unlikely we will get rid of Chadli as well to give ourselves three unproven players to play wide plus an unproven Njie, who if rumours are correct, the club have doubts about.

For me it doesn't make any sense to sell Chadli, we would simply be giving ourselves too many problems and that isn't the way to manage a squad. Looking at it logically from a coaches perspective, I don't see him going anywhere.


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