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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bournemouth and Mason Chinese Whispers

Bournemouth And Mason Chinese Whispers

I'm not sure what planet the Daily Star and Football Fancast are from but they have totally twisted a story on it's head.

The Ryan Mason story started with Bournemouth having him top of their list and readying a £6 million (€7.76m - US$8.71m) bid, which probably isn't the figure Mauricio Pochettino, Daniel Levy and the rest of the transfer committee place on him.

Now according to Football Fancast Mason is trying to leave to get regular first-team football, which basically is a wild guess that doesn't actually fit in with Mason's previously demonstrated character. He has had many opportunities to leave Tottenham but he stayed and forced his way into Pochettino's side.

Once again injuries forced him out the side and Dembele took over. He hasn't been fit enough since according to Micky Hazard and that has affected his brief performances. It doesn't prevent simple passes though and Mason was hauled off at half-time in the final game where we then got even worse.

Certainly that can be used as an argument to say Pochettino has decided to upgrade Mason and will let him go, that isn't the same as suggesting Ryan Mason is seeking a move.

We had the silly figures mooted for unproven Callum Wilson the Bournemouth striker who has been injured most of the season, scoring in three games out of thirteen. The stories didn't have the ring of truth about them and we saw the reason why. The next story was a swap deal involving Wilson and Mason, again without any evidence that there was a grain of truth in it.

Next comes the Daily Star telling us that Pochettino has changed his mind about Wilson and isn't after him any more. Surprise surprise, invent a story, spin it along a bit and then finish it, a classic press trick that many simply fall for.

Now they come out with a daft £2 million (€2.59m - US$2.9m) transfer fee figure for Mason, who in their right mind is going to believe that?

He is only 24 (25 in June), he is an England international, he is a proven Premier League player, he can play in several positions, he has a contract until 2020 and transfermarkt, who undervalue players, have him at £5.63 million (€7.28m - US$8.17m). Wonder if that is where the original £6 million figure came from.

Daniel Levy is going to give him away for £2 million, do me a favour.


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