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Monday, 30 May 2016

Ben Davies agrees

Ben Davies feels that Mauricio Pochettino's dinner with Sir Alex Ferguson was just as I reported it to be, a chance for Pochettino to pick the brains of the best manager the Premier League has seen and one who knows what it takes to combine the Premier League with the UEFA Champions League.

Ben Davies agrees

The media and the anti-Spurs websites all got it wrong assuming Sir Alex was tapping up Pochettino to go to United, when they already had a signed agreement with Jose Mourinho. Had he not become manager they would have had to pay him compensation. He is a three-time winner of the Premier League and used to handling stars, something not every manager can do. It didn't make any sense that he was tapping up Pochettino.

Pochettino learning off Sir Alex made perfect sense. It amazes me that people look for the worst, especially those purporting to support the club.I much prefer the sane approach, to look at something and assess it from a building Spurs perspective.

The Welsh left-back spoke to ESPN and like me looked at it logically instead of sensationally.
"I like to think he [Pochettino] was tapping up his [Ferguson's] experience and there was no ulterior motive. 
"We have a club where everyone, players and staff, is trying to learn all the time. I think he spoke to someone like Sir Alex Ferguson to pick his brain as part of his learning and where he can improve."


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