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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Batshuayi arrival after French Cup Final

the Daily Express are trying to eke full value out of a flimsy story when they suggest Islam Slimani is going to join Spurs over Arsenal.

Batshuayi arrival after French Cup Final

Given Pochettino has stated our transfer policy will not change Slimani is an unlikely signing especially as the ITK is that the Michy Batshuayi deal is all agreed and he will be joining after the French Cup Final on May 21st. The French have to sell quickly to balance their books, a usual occurrence at Marseille. That story is more believable than the unreliable Portuguese press.

Take into account that Marseille have already stated that the 22-year-old (23 in October) striker is leaving this summer, that Marseille admits they can't compete financially, that West Ham have nothing to offer, they don't have European football and the story starts to look more and more likely.

Mauricio Pochettino also confirmed to French radio station RMC that the striker is a player we are interested in.

"We are looking for a striker this summer. Batshuayi is a young player who has a lot of talent. He is logically followed by many clubs. We have information about him, he has good potential".

It is easier to make a case for Batshuayi arriving than Slimani so I'm inclined to go with ITK over the journalists as the right people are usually far more accurate. 


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